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Dragon Age Characters
For context, I'm providing a list of the PCs that may show up in my writing. Most of these represent characters jointly created with my husband.

We came to the party a bit late, so I'm still mostly focused on DA:O.

Theron - Dalish duelist/assassin. First playthrough. Something of a loner. Opted for the ultimate sacrifice because he figured Alistair had something to live for, while he didn't.

Alexia Cousland - Greatsword-wielding warrior and diplomat. Second playthrough. The character I'm most attached to. I started writing DA fic because she had more to say.

Vardo - Human mage. Not my character at all, but I may steal him at some point because I think he has things to say.

Althgar Aeducan - Sword-and-board dwarf. Incomplete playthrough. Sense of entitlement and willingness to do political dealing when needed.


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